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PVC Ceiling Kit 3m x 2m

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PVC ceiling can be used almost anywhere, especially in Bathrooms and Kitchens where humidity is high. This is a perfect solution for both residential and commercial premises.

Coverage area: maximum 3mtr x 2 mtr (300cm x 200cm; 118″ x 78.7″)

Box includes:

  • 8 x High gloss ceiling panels 3 meters long
  • Steel ceiling subframe
  • PVC decorative ceiling coving
  • 6 x IP 65 LED Downlights
  • Tools: PVC saw, circular hole cutter, steel craft knife, 3mtr tape measure, tin snips, mitre block, screwdriver)
  • Fixing screws
  • Easy fit instruction manual


Why PVC ceiling

  • Easy and quick installation
  • 100% waterproof
  • No need to paint – never again!

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There are 2 ways for fitting your new PVC ceiling:

Option 1. Directly onto your existing ceiling (easiest option)
Option 2. Using the steel frame system provided, you can adjust the ceiling to any height you require.
This option is most suitable for situations, where there is not enough space for downlights installation.


1st option

PVC panels installed directly onto the old ceiling

Step 1. Cut to size and fix PVC panels directly
onto the old ceiling using silicone and screws.

Step 2. Fix decorative coving (or quadrants)
using silicone or double tape.

Step 3. Install the downlights

2nd option

Suspended ceiling fixed to the steel frame

Step 1. Cut to size PVC coving and fix onto the wall at the required level.

Step 2. Install steel subframe.

Step 3. Cut to size and install PVC ceiling panels using the provided screws

Step 4. Install the downlights